Full Screen: Table View

Please note that the full-screen views are currently in beta on your computer at cloze.com (and coming soon to tablets). 

Cloze offers four views to visualize your information:

2 Column 

Full Screen

Use the table option to view people, companies, properties, and deals in a table layout. 

  1. Navigate to the People, Companies, or Properties (or Projects, Deals, etc.) section..
  2. Tap on the View Settings icon.
  3. Select Table.

Select the columns to include in the table:

  1. Tap on the Column menu.
  2. Select the columns to display - Scroll down the menu and tap on the checkmarks to select Stages, Segments, Tags, Custom Fields, anniversary dates, and more. 

  1. Tap on any column heading to adjust the settings.
  2. Column position - Use the arrows to move the columns as needed. 
  3. Column width - Use the slider to adjust the width of the column.
  4. Remove a column - Remove a column as needed.

Adding a footer to numerical columns

You can add a summary footer at the bottom of numeric columns (and can also be saved with an audience. (See below for instructions.)

  1. Tap on the column name - Tap on the column name to see a menu with options. 
  2. Select the column footer menu - For numerical custom field columns (e.g. commission or price) you will see an option to select a footer. 
  3. Select the type of footer - You can select one of several options:
    • Minimum - displays the lowest value in the column
    • Maximum - displays the highest value in the column
    • Count - displays a count of all values in the column
    • Total - displays the sum of all values in the column
    • Average - displays the average of all values in the column

In this example, the total amount of the commission column is shown in the footer.

Saving a table view audience

Once you have configured a table view you can save it as an audience -- including preserving the columns and sort order. 

When saving an audience, you can toggle on:

  1. Tap on Audience to expand the section - Expand the Audience section to save or edit an audience.
  2. Include sorting and grouping - This saves the sorting type and order with the audience.
  3. Include table view columns - This saves the columns and column order with the audience. 
  4. Save Audience - After these options are enabled tap on the Save Audience button. 

View a person in the Table view mode. 

When you select a person you'll see them in the focused, full-screen view. 

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