2 Column View: List and Classic Kanban

Please note that the full-screen views are currently in beta on your computer at cloze.com (and coming soon to tablets). 

Cloze offers four views to visualize your information:

2 Column 

Full Screen

The 2 Column, List and Classic view presents a single column of contacts on one side of the screen and Kanban columns to the right. When selected the profile of a person is in the other column. 

Use the 2 ColumnList and Classic Kanban option to quickly switch between people, companies, properties, and deals. You can also drag and drop contacts from the first column into any of the Kanban columns.

  1. Navigate to the People, Companies, or Properties (or Projects, Deals, etc.) section.
  2. Tap on the View Settings icon.
  3. Select List and Classic Kanban

Filter the Kanban Board by Segment:

  1. Tap on All Segments.
  2. Select a Segment.
  3. The Kanban board view shows columns organized by Next Step. 

Group the Kanban Board by Segment, Stage, or Custom Field:

  1. Tap on by Stage.
  2. Select a Segment, Stage, or Custom Field that was set to be used on the Kanban
  3. In the example below the Lead Source custom field is selected. 

Select a person (or company, property, etc.) to view the profile:

  1. Select a person from the list in the first column.
  2. View their profile in the second column on the right side of the screen.
  3. Switch to another profile by selecting it in the left column. 

Adjust the width of the left column

  1. Navigate to the People, Companies, or Properties (or Projects, Deals, etc.) section.
  2. Tap on the View Settings icon.
  3. In the List Width Section of the menu select: Narrow, Medium, or Wide.

On your computer: 

Mouse over a contact to email or call

If you hover your mouse over a person in the first column you will see options to email or call the person. 

Use your arrow keys to quickly move through contacts

On your computer, after you select a contact, you can use the arrow keys to move up and down the first column. 

Up arrow or k key Move to the previous Person
Down arrow or j key Move to the next Person

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