With Cloze's email templates, you'll never have to copy and paste the same message over and over again. Cloze includes several different templates to get you started, but you can customize them to your personal needs.



  • Cut and paste as plain text - If you are cutting and pasting content into Cloze it is recommended that you paste as plain text and then use the various options to format your email. This will ensure that your email is formatted correctly on the widest number of email clients.
  • Formatting and images - Cloze offers many formatting options along the bottom of the email composer on cloze.com (web app) and tablet. Please click here for a full list of formatting options.  
  • Use links instead of attachments - Cloze does not currently support attachments in templates, but instead we recommend using links to documents (with Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive etc..). With this approach Cloze will alert you if someone clicks on your link to view the document.