How do I add customers and prospects to Cloze?

Classifying a contact in Cloze as a Customer or Prospect is easy.  On the Contact Profile you will find a section called Relationship. On your phone tap on the About section or look on the right side of the screen on iPad, Android tablet or

It looks like this:

In the above example the contact is marked as an Active Customer.  

There are several ways you can customize this section. You can

VIDEOHow to organize your contacts in Cloze with Stages, Segments and Steps

Please see below or you can update many contacts at once following these step-by-step instructions


1.) Tap on the person you wish to classify as a Customer or Prospect to open their profile.

2.) On your iPhone or Android phone tap on About and the tap on "Potential" or "Active" to set the Stage and Segment. A single tap will set both the Stage and Segment. 


On your iPad, Android Tablet and on look on the right side of the screen. 

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