Library Overview

Templates save time and bring consistency to your work. You'll never have to type up the same message over and over again or hunt through your sent folder for a message you sent to another client. With Cloze you can save any email as a new template and create other types of templates too like text templates, call scripts, and snippets. 

Stop writing the same message over and over

Any time you find yourself typing the same message over and over, you should create a template. Cloze includes several different templates to get you started, but you can customize them to your personal needs. 

You can use a template for entire emails or use snippets to assemble a complete email. 

Use a snippet for a paragraph, a series of bullets, a sentence, a signature, or anything you would like. Snippets are small pieces of text or an image or both you can use to create emails quickly. They differ from templates because they can be inserted while composing a new email, within an existing email template, or added to a Next Step. 

Centralize all of your templates in one place

If you are the Administrator of a team using the Cloze Silver, Gold, or Platinum Plan you can share your templates with your team. 

You can use the library to share your best content and templates with your entire team to ensure consistent communication and avoid team members needing to create their own content from scratch. 

Team Library templates are read-only by default for the rest of your team. Team members can copy team templates and then personalize them to their own needs. As an Administrator or team member with the appropriate Cloze role, you can share or edit team library templates. Here are step-by-step instructions on how to share templates with your team

Templates for Texts and Calls too!

The Cloze Library provides a centralized location to manage all types of templates in one place. You can create  several types of templates:

Templates can be tied to Next Steps

Your Library lets you create personalized messages for every stage of your customer journey.  Templates can be tied to a Next Step so you have the right type of communication when you need it. 

Next Steps can have Email, Text, or Call templates tied to them. 

With Next Steps, you and your team can work through prospects efficiently, ensuring leads don't slip through the cracks. 

Ensure every lead, prospect, and client has a follow-up plan

Cloze Administrators and Managers use Next Steps to create a series of outreach activities to help their team effectively work through their leads in a consistent manner.

Think of Next Steps as a repeatable checklist that you can write once and reuse. Next Steps are an extension of the higher level Stages—they should mirror your workflow and all of the things you need to get done to move to the next Stage.  As contacts are classified with a Stage and Segment the appropriate Next Steps guide the process.

Tip: Setup Automatic Lead Capture to ensure every lead gets an automatic follow-up plan

Next Steps include activities like making calls, sending emails, booking meetings, and sending text messages. 

Each of these activities can have its own unique template to ensure consistency. 

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