How do I create an article?

The Cloze Library provides a centralized location to manage all types of templates in one place. You can create several types of templates: 

Create a personal newsletter in minutes a week

Creating a newsletter is as easy as pasting a few links. Cloze will automatically format the links you paste for you.

Simply start with a base template, paste your links, and include a personal note. Add this to your weekly schedule to ensure your clients get relevant newsletters.

  1. Collect interesting articles throughout the week.
  2. Send when you are ready – simply insert them from your Library, and it automatically creates a newsletter for you, including pictures.
  3. Add a personal note and send your email any time.

On your iPhone too:

Adding articles on an iPhone to the Cloze Library.

Create an Article from the Template Library

1.) Tap on More (...) in the lower right of your screen on mobile (iOS/Android) and lower left on

2.) Tap on Template Library.

3.) Tap on the new template icon to create a new template. 

4.) Select Article from the menu.

5.) Cut and paste the article link (webpage URL) and then tap on the Create button. 

On an iPhone, you can tap on the Safari share icon to send the article directly into your Cloze Library.

Select Cloze from the sharing options. 

Articles are saved to the My Articles section of the Cloze Library

Admins and other team members with the appropriate role permission may save Articles to the Team Library. 
Articles can be saved as a draft in your personal library (My Library) or in your team library (admin only). Or saved and published immediately to either your personal or team library.

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