Relationship Section Overview

Organize your contacts and workflow with Stages, Segments, and Next Steps.

On the Contact Profile, you will find a section called Relationship. On your phone tap on the About section or look on the right side of the screen on an iPad, Android tablet, or

There are several ways you can customize this section. You can...

New Design 

You can enable the new Cloze design in Settings

  1. Stage - The Stage shows where they are on the client journey with you
  2. Segment - The Segment shows who that person is to you
  3. Next Step - The Next Step is the next task to ensure the person advances to the next Stage

Other sections you'll find directly below the Relationship section.

  1. Contact Info (In this example it is collapsed. Tap to expand the section and view it.)
  2. At a Glance (short form notes like background notes and talking points). 
  3. Custom Fields (In this example, Details and Buyer Profile are examples of Custom Field sections)

Classic Design 

More options

  1. Tap on the More icon 
  2. Select one of the options, like...

On the web or tablet app

On the phone app

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