What triggers a Cloze Campaign to start?

The Cloze Campaigns feature is included as part of the Cloze Business Platinum Plan

How a Campaign is triggered

Campaigns can be triggered to start in several ways.

The campaign is linked to a Next Step:

  • When a contact enters the Next Step the campaign automatically starts (e.g. Contact is put in the “Not ready to buy yet – Nurture” step)

The campaign is linked to an anniversary date field:

  • When the anniversary reminder triggers the campaign begins (e.g. Reminder is set for 3 months before “Contract Signed” anniversary)

The campaign is linked to a lead source:

  • When a lead arrives from that lead source the campaign begins (e.g. lead arrives from Zillow)

Manually starting a campaign on a single person or several people at once:

Linking a Campaign to a Next Step, Anniversary Date Field, or Lead Source

Navigate to the Cloze Library to edit a Campaign. 

1.) Tap on More (...) in the lower right of your screen on mobile (iOS/Android) and lower left on cloze.com

2.) Tap on Template Library

3.) Search for the template by name.

Or tap on the funnel icon to filter by template type. 

4.) Tap on the link icon to tie a trigger action to the Campaign. 

A Campaign can be linked to
  • New Lead - Trigger campaign when a new lead is received
  • Next Step - Trigger campaign on entering a Next Step
  • Anniversary - Trigger campaign with an anniversary date reminder

5.) Select what will automatically start this Campaign: New Lead, Next Step, or Anniversary.

6.) Select the specific action that you wish to trigger the Campaign. 

New Lead

When a lead arrives select the Lead Source value (or values), which will trigger this campaign.

Next Step

Select which Next Step triggers the campaign.


Select which custom field anniversary reminder when it comes due will trigger the campaign.

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