How do I create a Cloze Campaign?

The Cloze Campaigns feature is included as part of the Cloze Business Platinum Plan

Cloze Campaigns are a way to automate follow-up and other processes. You can think of each client as their own, unique "audience of one". Different content can be sent at different times to each person or a Campaign can automate specific actions against each unique person. 

If you are part of a team, Campaigns can be created by your team leader or an administrator and then published when ready. Individual team members can also create their own Campaigns and save them in their Library. 

Create a new Campaign in the Library

You can create or edit an existing Campaign in the Cloze Library. 

1.) Tap on More (...) in the lower right of your screen on mobile (iOS/Android) and lower left on

2.) Tap on Template Library

3.) Tap on the New Template icon and select Campaign

4.) Set the name and category of your template.  

When setting a category you can select from existing categories you have previously created or create a new category. 

5.) Design the Campaign.

Triggering your campaign:

Campaigns can be triggered in several ways.

The campaign is linked to a Next Step:

  • When a contact enters the Next Step the campaign automatically starts
  • e.g. Contact is put in the “Not ready to buy yet – Nurture” step

The campaign is linked to an anniversary date field:

  • When the anniversary reminder triggers the campaign begins
  • e.g. Reminder is set for 3 months before the “Contract Signed” anniversary

The campaign is linked to a lead source:

  • When a lead arrives from that lead source the campaign begins
  • e.g. lead arrives from Zillow

Example campaign:

You can add as many steps as needed to your campaign. In this example, we are creating a simple lead follow-up campaign. Once the campaign has been created it can be tied to a Next Step, Anniversary date field, or Lead Source. 

Get started by tapping on the + icon to add to your campaign.

Select the type of step you wish to add. 

When adding a step to a Campaign you have four primary options:

  • Take action - Perform an automated action (send an email, send a text, etc.)
  • Wait For - Wait for something to happen (delay, wait for a response, etc.)
  • Decision - Make a decision (e.g. based on lead source, tag, custom field, A/B text)
  • Flow Control - Update a contact (e.g. change stage, assignee), end or repeat.

In this example, we are adding "Auto Send Email". Tap on Communicate and then Send email. 

Each Campaign step has its own set of controls along the right side of the screen.

Tap on the step to set the controls for a specific step.  When a Campaign Step is selected it will turn a light blue

Select the next step you wish to add to your Campaign by tapping on the + again.

Continue to add steps until you have created your entire Campaign.

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