Buyer Journey

With Cloze you can track the entire journey of a buyer from a lead, to searching for a home, through to the completed transaction. 

Important: Once you have qualified a buyer lead we recommend setting their Stage to Potential (Hot) and creating a Buy Transaction. With a Buy Transaction, you can add multiple buyers. Below we have outlined the entire process. 

Cloze includes all of the tools needed to track each step along this process to help you stay organized:

Getting Started

Cloze includes a prebuilt set up for real estate so that you do not need to start from scratch. We recommend that you use this real estate-specific setup as your base configuration and then make refinements to the templates, next steps, and custom fields as needed. 

Below you will find an outline of everything you need to track a buyer from lead to close.

Tracking the Buyer Journey in Cloze CRM

You will first start by tracking an individual person (for example a buyer lead) and then once they are ready to purchase a property, you will create a buy transaction. 
  • The Stage shows where they are on the client journey
  • The Segment shows who that person is to you
  • The Next Step is the next task to ensure the person advances to the next Stage

Buyer Stage and Segment

There are five Stages you can use to track a person through their buyer journey with you. Please note the Ninja Selling setup Stage labels are shown in paratheses. 

  • Lead (Warm) - a person that shows promise to become a buyer or seller (or both).
  • Potential (Hot) - a person that has been qualified and is buying or selling soon (next 60- 90 days).
  • Active (In Contract) - the person has signed or agreed to work with you to buy or sell a home.
  • Past (Closed) - any person that once sold or purchased a property with you in the past. 
  • Lost - a buyer or seller that has decided to not purchase or sell their home with you.

As the buyer moves through their journey, you will use the Stages to keep track. A buyer will start in the Lead Stage, once you qualify them they will move to the Potential Stage, and then to Active, and then to Past once they purchase. A Lead that is unresponsive or has elected not to move forward in the near term should be set with the Lost Stage. 

Default Real Estate Stages

Ninja Selling Real Estate Stages

Buyer Next Steps

Next Steps are an extension of the higher-level Stages. Steps are the tasks you follow to ensure contacts move from one stage (such as warm) to the next stage (such as hot). 
As you follow-up with a Buyer Lead (or Warm Buyer) will help you stay on track.

Templates make follow-up easy

Templates can be tied to a Next Step so you have the right type of communication when you need it.

Cloze includes several types of templates you can add to a step:

Customizing your steps and templates

For each step, you can set a reminder time and a custom template.

Next Steps appear on the Agenda when due

Swipe to the right to send the template associated with the Next Step. 

Swipe to the left to mark a step done. 

Visualize your Next Steps on the kanban view

On your computer or tablet, you can see all of your buyers in a Kanban view. Each step is represented by a column to make visualizing your progress easy. You can also drag and drop contacts between columns. 

Fill in the Buyer Profile

The Buyer Profile is used to track what the buyer is looking for in a new home. You can set several criteria like:

  • Property Type
  • Bedroom Range
  • Bathroom Range
  • Price Range
  • Size Range  (ft² or m²)
  • Price/ft² (m²) Range
  • Features
  • School district
  • Location

For example, a Buyer is looking for a single-family home, 4 bedrooms, 3 baths, and has a budget of up to $1,950,000. Their profile would look like this:

Automatic Listing Matching

With your local MLS connected to Cloze, listings are automatically matched based on the buyer's criteria set in the Buyer Profile. 

Listings can be sent to buyers in two ways:

  1. Via an email you send
  2. Via an automated property alert campaign

Cloze and your local MLS

Cloze is integrated with many MLS to automatically match listings to buyers based on their criteria. Listings can be emailed to the client from Cloze by you or automatically sent using a Cloze Campaign
Because of the paperwork and added fees required by your local MLS we work directly with your brokerage to set up the listing feed. 

Please reach out to for more details. 

Create a Buy Transaction when they are qualified

Once you have qualified a buyer lead we recommend setting their Stage to Potential (Hot) and creating a Buy Transaction. 

Creating a Buy Transaction is also helpful when you are working with someone that is both buying and selling. You will track each process as their own deal in Cloze. 
A Buy Transaction can have multiple people included to ensure you have a single view of their communications with you. 
You can also use the steps to track all of your activities with the buyer(s). 

While viewing the Buyer, tap on the compose icon and then select Add Property.

You will use the Property Status section to keep track of your progress. 

Use the Stages to track your progress

When the buyers are ready to make an offer you'll use the steps found in each stage to track the transaction. 

Below are the default Buy Transaction Next Steps for each Stage. 

You can customize these steps in settings. 


  • Prepare Offer
  • Approve Offer with Client
  • Deliver Offer to Seller


  • Execute Purchase Agreement


  • Schedule Inspection
  • Establish Escrow
  • Obtain Proof of Escrow
  • Obtain Loan Commitment
  • Review any Restrictions
  • Request Settlement Statement
  • Schedule Closing
  • Inspection
  • Walkthrough
  • Purchase Closing Gift
  • Closing


  • Send Card
  • 1 Month Follow-up
  • 1 Year Follow-up
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