What types of templates can I create?

The Cloze Library provides a centralized location to manage all types of templates in one place. You can create four types of templates: 

  1. Email templates
  2. Text templates
  3. Call scripts
  4. Snippets

You can use Next Steps to create a repeatable sequence of activities that include templates.

To create a new template, navigate to the Template Library and then tap on the new template icon.

Then select the template type you wish to create. 

Email Templates

Templates save time and bring consistency to your work. You'll never have to type up the same message over and over again or hunt your sent folder for a message you sent to another client. With Cloze you can save any email as a new template and create other types of templates too like text templates, call scripts, and snippets. 

Any time you find yourself typing the same message over and over, you should create a template.

Email templates can be created in two ways:

  1. From the email composer
  2. From the Template Library

Text Templates

Tap on the Edit and Send button to open the template in your default messaging app. Cloze supports sending the text template to iMessage, Google Messages, SMS, or WhatsApp. 

Text templates are created in the Cloze Template Library.

Call Scripts

With Call Scripts, you stay on message for every call. When you start the call, the script is available on-screen along with a section to add notes. 

Call scripts are created in the Cloze Template Library.


Snippets are small pieces of text or an image or both you can use to create emails quickly. They differ from templates because they can be inserted while composing a new email, within an existing email template, or added to a Next Step. 

If you find yourself typing the same portion of a message regularly, you should create a snippet.

Snippets are created in the Cloze Template Library

Next Steps: Using Email Templates, Call Scripts, and Text Templates together in a sequence

With Next Steps, you and your team can work through prospects efficiently, ensuring leads don't slip through the cracks. Cloze Administrators and Managers use Next Steps to create a series of outreach activities to help their team effectively work through their leads in a consistent manner.
Think of Next Steps as a repeatable checklist that you can write once and reuse. Next Steps are an extension of the higher level Stages—they should mirror your workflow and all of the things you need to get done to move to the next Stage.  As contacts are classified with a Stage and Segment the appropriate Next Steps guide the process.
Next Steps include activities like making calls, sending emails, booking meetings, and sending text messages. 
Each of these activities can have its own unique template to ensure consistency. 
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