How do I use Cloze AI to Ghostwrite a Drip Campaign?

The Cloze Ghostwriter feature is included as part of the Cloze Business Platinum Plan

You can create a drip campaign on any topic with Cloze's ChatGPT-powered Ghostwriter. You simply enter a few words for your topic and then Cloze generates a complete campaign with fully-written newsletters or emails, ready to save and send --- including pictures and relevant articles.

Start in the Template Library

1. Start in the Template library. 

2. Tap on the + sign and then tap on Ghostwriter. 

3. Next, tap on Drip Campaign.

What Do You Want the Campaign to Do?

4. Decide what you want the campaign to do. You can choose a prompt or you can type you own goal for the campaign. 

What Kind of Content Do You Want the Campaign to Include? 

5. Choose your Content Style. If you selected "Newsletters with Articles", you will be able to choose an article preference.

6. Choose the Tone and Language you want the newsletters or emails to be written in.

How Many Emails or Newsletters Should be Included?

7. Select the number of content pieces (newsletters, emails, etc.) that you want to include in the campaign. At this time, you can only have up to 6 content pieces in the drip campaign.

8. Then set up your wait time. You can wait for a fixed amount of time to pass before sending a content piece or you can wait until there is a pause in your conversation with a contact. Because Cloze automatically logs your call, texts, emails, and meetings it can smartly pause a campaign and wait until after a certain amount of time goes by since the last interaction. 

Create the Campaign Content

9. After you have made your selections, tap on Start Writing.

10. The steps for the campaign will begin to be drafted. If you want to re-write the campaign, tap on Back. If you like the summary, tap on Create Content.

11. The content for each step will be created. Tap on the numbers at the top to see the subject and summary of each content piece. Then tap on Create Campaign. 

12. After you tap on Create Campaign, your campaign will automatically be named, categorized, and saved. At the bottom, you can see previews of all the drips in your campaign.

Set the Trigger

13. In order to launch your campaign, you will need to set the trigger.  

14. Tap on the Campaign, then tap on the link icon in the upper-right to set a trigger. Learn more about campaign triggers in our article "What triggers a Cloze Campaign to start?"

Editing Campaign Settings

Learn more about campaign settings in our article "How do I edit campaign settings?".

Editing Content:

If you want to edit any of the images or content in the emails/newsletters, you can find the template in your library or you can tap on the campaign and select the template through the preview at the bottom. 

Then tap on Edit. Learn about editing templates in our article "How do I edit an email template?". 

Make any changes and then tap on Review to save. 

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