Cloze's ChatGPT-powered features

Cloze includes many ChatGPT-powered features to help you create new content and campaigns.

Look for the lightbulb icon throughout Cloze to use the ChatGPT-powered features.

ChatGPT features deeply integrated into Cloze content creation:

  • Templates – Improve and create new email, text, and call script templates
  • Newsletters – Create newsletters with images and links from scratch
  • Drip Campaigns – Create multi-step drip campaigns with a single prompt
  • Personal email – Reply, create, and edit

Create new emails on any topic you choose

We’ve all stared at a blank screen with writers-block while contemplating what to write. With Cloze’s ChatGPT-powered Ghostwriter, you can quickly create an email on any topic. Simply enter a short summary and let Ghostwriter do the work.

Open the email composer and tap on the lightbulb icon to try it.

Use Cloze AI to edit an email or template

Follow the instructions below to see how AI can help you with your next email or template. You can also use Cloze AI to create creative and compelling subject lines.

  1. Select the content you wish to edit using AI (if you don’t select anything, the entire content will be edited)
  2. Tap on the lightbulb icon in the toolbar
  3. Select the Smart Edit option of your choice

How to use Cloze AI to reply to an email

Want a way to speed through your inbox? Cloze’s Ghostwriter AI can help you quickly reply using the content of the received email to craft your message. You can pick from the built-in quick replies or type in a few words about how you’d like to reply and Ghostwriter does the rest.

  1. Tap to reply to an email
  2. Tap on the lightbulb icon
  3. Select your quick reply or something custom

Create a newsletter with articles and images in seconds

You can create a custom newsletter on any topic in less than 30 seconds with Cloze’s ChatGPT-powered Ghostwriter. You simply enter a few words for your topic and then Cloze generates a fully-written newsletter, ready to save and send — including pictures and relevant articles.

You might have read that ChatGPT doesn’t know about anything that’s happened after September 2021 – and that’s true. But we’ve designed our newsletter creation to be able to include up-to-the-minute content, so your content is always fresh.

Create a drip campaign with content-rich emails in seconds

You can create a custom drip campaign on any topic in less than 30 seconds with Cloze's ChatGPT-powered Ghostwriter. You simply enter a few words for your topic and then Cloze generates a complete campaign, with either simple text emails or fully-written newsletter content — including pictures and relevant articles.

Create a personal bio with Cloze

Want to refresh your professional biography on your website or marketing materials? Cloze can help. With Cloze’s Personal Bio Wizardyou can refresh an existing bio or create a new one with just some key details about yourself. The bio can then be copied and used outside of Cloze or used to inform new content created with Cloze’s Ghostwriter feature. 

Create listing descriptions with ChatGPT

Creating compelling listing descriptions can be a tedious task. Cloze makes it easy. With Cloze's description wizard, you can use ChatGPT to automatically generate real estate listing descriptions for you in just a few minutes. By analyzing a property’s unique features and characteristics, artificial intelligence can generate descriptions tailored to the specific property and highlight its best attributes. 

Cloze AI creates captivating property descriptions with a conversational tone and effective calls-to-action that motivate prospective buyers to take action.

Marketing teams can create and publish custom prompts

A prompt is like a shortcut for generating new content with Cloze’s ChatGPT-powered Ghostwriter feature. Cloze includes built-in prompts — you’ll see these when you tap on the lightbulb icon.

You can also create your own prompts and share them with your team.

With a centrally managed prompt library, you can seed your team with “talking points”. Instead of the traditional approach of the same template being sent out by every person, a single tap on the prompt creates unique content for every sender.

Cloze now has several different types of prompts:

The marketing team or team leader can create and rotate prompts to keep the topics fresh to ensure a steady flow of unique content.

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