Cloze Agenda Overview

One place to see all your reminders, meetings, follow-ups, to-dos, and more.

The Cloze Agenda is where you will start your day and check periodically to stay on track and get things done. 

We have designed the Agenda so you can ”live” on it. The Agenda has everything you need, but it is prioritized around your importance, not that of others (like your inbox). It helps you stay on task and be proactive.

  • The Agenda reorders dynamically to always keeps what's important “right now” at the top. 
  • Similar tasks are grouped together so you can take care of similar items all at once.
  • You can take action with a simple swipe.

LEARN MORE ➜ This video provides an overview of the Cloze Agenda functionality.

What you'll find on the Agenda

Keep in Touch Reminders 

  • Keep in touch - Cloze will automatically remind you when to reach out to key people like your customers. Learn More.
  • Blast from the past - Cloze reminds you about a contact that used to be important to you, but you have fallen out of touch with recently, use these reminders to rekindle your relationship.


  • Today's Meetings  - Cloze integrates with your calendar and creates a briefing document about the attendees. And makes it easy to add notes and to follow-up with all of the participants. Learn More.
  • Finished Meetings - Easily follow-up and add notes to your finished meetings. 
  • Upcoming Meetings - Swipe right to reconfirm your upcoming meetings.

Important Messages

  • Smart Reply Reminders -  Cloze's A.I. finds messages in your inbox that you would usually reply to — if you haven’t it adds them to your Agenda. Learn More
  • Smart Action Items – Cloze's A.I. detects action items in email you send (e.g., “I’ll get back to you on Friday”) and automatically adds them to your Agenda. Learn More.
  • Smart Deadlines – Cloze's A.I. detects deadlines in email you receive too (e.g., “Please review and get your comments to me by Friday”) and automatically adds them to your Agenda. Learn More.

Important Dates (e.g. Birthdays and Anniversaries)

  • Anniversary Custom Fields - Anniversary date Custom Fields are a great way to keep track of annual renewals, contract dates, wedding anniversaries, and other important dates that happen on an annual basis. Learn More.
  • Birthday reminders - Cloze will automatically display birthday reminders on the Agenda. Simply swipe to send them birthday wishes. Learn More.

New contact information

Cloze analyzes email signatures in emails you receive and lets you know when the sender's contact information has changed, so you can always have the latest contact details for them. Learn More.

Tip: You can also automatically accept contact updates. Here are step-by-step instructions.

To Dos and Next Steps

  • Next Steps - You can use Next Steps to help you keep track of what you've done and what you have left to do. You'll be reminded on the Agenda to follow-up on the next thing you have to get done — automatically. Learn More.
  • To Dos - Add to-dos to people, companies, projects, and deals to keep track of all the one-off things you need to get done that don't fit into your Next Steps. When your todos are due, upcoming or past due you'll find them on the Agenda. Learn More.


  • Email Open Notifications - Cloze can alert you when a recipient opens an email you sent, or clicks on a link in the email. Learn More
  • Unread email - Unread email from the Focused Inbox is displayed so you can stay on the Agenda without the distraction of your full inbox.

Finished Calls and Meetings

Use the Cloze Agenda for your end-of-day wrap-up routine. Cloze automatically displays all of your finished calls and meetings at the bottom of the Agenda to make follow-up and review easy. Swipe to the right to add notes and follow-up. 

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