Example Campaign: Automatic Saved Search Listing Alerts

The Cloze Campaigns feature is included as part of the Cloze Business Platinum Plan

GOAL: Automatically send saved search listing alerts

This Campaign is designed to send property listing alerts based on the criteria saved in the Cloze Buyer Profile. 

What this campaign does:

  • It monitors your local MLS for new listings on the market that match the buyer's criteria
  • It automatically sends a beautifully formatted email to the buyer using your real email (Gmail, Office 365, etc.) for better deliverability 
  • It makes sure not to send the same property twice

How to set a Saved Search in the Buyer Profile

Creating a saved search campaign is as easy. This campaign will "Wait for New Matches" based on the criteria entered in the Cloze Buyer Profile. Cloze will automatically format the email for you.

  1. Navigate to the buyer in the People section of Cloze.
  2. Set their criteria and search location in the Buyer Profile
  3. Start the Saved Search campaign to start sending listing alerts

Enter in the key aspect of the saved search like bedrooms, bathrooms, price, and features.

Enter the location of the saved search. You can set a city/town (radius search), ZIPcode (or multiple), draw on a map, or select a school district. 

1.) Design your listing alert email

Navigate to the Library and tap on the "Market Emails - Mail Re" category.

Select one of the default templates as a starting point for your listing alert email and then copy it. 

There are 4 default property matching templates you can pick from:

  1. Default Mail Re Template
  2. Large Images
  3. Small Images Side-by-Side
  4. Small Images Stacked

Tap on the Copy icon.

Personalize the template as needed.

2.) Navigate to the Cloze Library to create the Campaign

Here are step-by-step instructions on how to create a Campaign.

3.) Design your Campaign

Below you will find the same steps used in the picture above. In italics, in the right column, you will find the specific type of step used and link with additional instructions. 

Step Name Campaign Step
1.) Wait for new matches Use Wait for New Matches
2.) Automatically Send "Saved Search" Email Use Auto Send Email
3.) Go to Start of Campaign* Use Repeat from Start of Campaign
*When the Campaign completes it will start over at step #1.  
This campaign includes automated actions (like sending an email or adding a todo) and waiting in between these actions before triggering the next Campaign step. 
Steps Used in this Campaign:

Recommended Settings

Campaign Settings

Wait for New Matches Settings

Auto Send Email Settings

Add the template you created in step 1 above. 

Set what to include in each listing alert email. 

A couple of additional tips:

Tip #1: Sketch out your campaign

Add all of the steps you wish to include in your Campaign first, and then go back and add all the details. This gives you a high-level view before you dig into the specifics. 

Tip #2: Use Placeholders for templates

If you have not yet created a template you can use a placeholder instead. You can then return to the placeholder template in the Cloze Library to add your content at a later time. This is helpful when you are sketching out a campaign, but haven't yet created all of the content. 

4.) Start the listing alert campaign 

Once you have created the Campaign you can link it to the Next Step of your choice in Settings.

Or start the campaign on any contact of your choice

5.) Test your Campaign

Next, we recommend that you test your campaign. 

Here are step-by-step instructions on how to test your campaigns

We also recommend reviewing these best practices to help avoid any accidental trouble. 

6.) Start using your listing alert campaign

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